CYCLO Recycled Fibers Recognized in UNIDO’s White Paper for Sustainable Supply Chains

Original article: Accelerating and scaling-up collective action for sustainable supply chains We are thrilled to announce that CYCLO Recycled Fibers has been featured in the recent white paper by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) titled ‘Accelerating and Scaling-Up Collective Action for Sustainable Supply Chains.’ This recognition is not only a testament to our commitment […]

Recycling Bangladesh for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Over the span of 51 years, Bangladesh has come a long way, especially in the RMG sector. But with time and industrial development, the country suffered a considerable amount of environmental damage due to landfills, dyes and chemicals being dumped into the rivers and toxins being released into the air from RMG factories, draining the […]

The CYCLO® Story: 5 Years On

We’ve taken huge strides over the last five years. This was only possible because of all our partners, stakeholders and all individuals who have directly or indirectly worked to ensure that we have kept, and continue to keep, our promise of being responsible through sustainability. CYCLO® continues its journey with all of you for as […]

Bestseller Goes Circular in Bangladesh

Original article: WASTE NOT, WANT NOT – BESTSELLER GOES CIRCULAR IN BANGLADESH BESTSELLER Group is piloting two major circularity projects, and one of them supports utilisation of its own textile cutting scraps, creating a valuable closed-loop system in a fully transparent supply chain. Textile waste is most often shipped back and forth in the process […]

When Waste Jhut Turns Into Gold

Some fashion giants plan to use 100% fibres recycled from RMG wastes by 2030 Original article: Fabric scraps, locally known as jhut, have gradually been gaining a foothold in the world of apparel with their usefulness in manufacturing high-end items. Most global fashion brands are now shifting towards recycled yarns in producing apparel products. Such items […]

CYCLO® Fibers and Aware Team Spin Traceable Recycled Cotton Yarn in Bangladesh

Original article: Simco Spinning & Textile, manufacturers of Cyclo recycled fibers, has entered into a strategic partnership with The Movement to become nominated spinners of the Aware Integrity Solution in Bangladesh. Cyclo recycled yarn embedded with the Aware Integrity Solution is fully traceable from fiber to final product. With Aware tracer particles added to the certified recycled […]

CYCLO® Fibers and AWARE™ Partner To Launch Fully Traceable Recycled Cotton Yarn To Address Increasing Demand of Transparency

Simco Spinning &Textile, manufacturers of Cyclo® Recycled Fibers, have entered into a strategic partnership with The Movement, to become nominated spinners of the AWARE™ Integrity Solution in Bangladesh. Original article: Koen Warmerdam Narratives are becoming increasingly important globally, and the story behind a sustainable garment can become as important as the colour and the hand […]

Spinners Can Take Price Advantage Using Recycled Yarn

Original article: Against the backdrop of a massive amount of textile and apparel fashion waste dumped in landfills or burned, circular fashion is the most discussed issue in the fashion industry. Bangladesh as a major manufacturing country for fast fashion products has been going through environmental risks over the decades. Garment factories here producing for […]