CYCLO® Fibers and AWARE™ Partner To Launch Fully Traceable Recycled Cotton Yarn To Address Increasing Demand of Transparency

Simco Spinning &Textile, manufacturers of Cyclo® Recycled Fibers, have entered into a strategic partnership with The Movement, to become nominated spinners of the AWARE™ Integrity Solution in Bangladesh.

Original article: Koen Warmerdam

Narratives are becoming increasingly important globally, and the story behind a sustainable garment can become as important as the colour and the hand feel. With deeper stories, the channels for misleading or outright false claims of sustainability are increased. The sustainability certification process, while being extremely important, can also unfortunately be abused.

CYCLO® Recycled Yarn embedded with the AWARE™ Integrity Solution is fully traceable from fiber to final product. With AWARE™ tracer particles added to the certified recycled CYCLO® Fiber, the final garment can be scanned by a hand-scanner to verify that genuine CYCLO® Yarn has been used for that final product. As mass balance is registered on the AWARE™ blockchain application, sustainable claims are 100% verified and validated, thereby precluding greenwashing.

“Sustainability is a spectrum: I believe it is important for retailers and consumers to know where in the spectrum their products lie so they can make better decisions. AWARE™ technology enables us to do that”, says Mustafain Munir, founder of CYCLO® Recycled Fiber. “I see our partnership as key to pushing the industry further in the right direction of the sustainable spectrum”.

“We are officially disrupting the sustainable textile industry. Our revolutionary integrity solution combines both tracer- and blockchain technology”, says Feico van der Veen, founder of AWARE™. “We are more than just a ‘database driven QR-code’ on a product and ready to scale up. We are continuously looking for innovative spinners of sustainable yarn with a disruptive and transparent vision on the future. Therefore we are extremely proud to be able to work with industry innovators like Simco.”


“We feel that AWARE™ shares the same ethos as CYCLO® to be as transparent as possible so brands and consumers can have trust and hard data on the actual sustainability and environmental impact of their products.”

Mustafain Munir, Director of Simco Spinning & Textile Ltd
Mustafain Munir
Mustafain Munir


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