CYCLO® is Now Available in EU and Pakistan

CYCLO® in EU: Impacto Recyclo

The biggest hurdles to embracing sustainable materials have been availability, lead times, MOQs, prices and transparency.

We at CYCLO® are excited to address these problems head-on with our newest partnership in Europe – Impacto Recyclo.

Our warehouse is ideally located in Portugal, near the manufacturing hub of Braga. It allows European garment manufacturers easy and immediate access to CYCLO®, one of the most sustainable yarns and fabrics on the market today.

We help European fashion manufacturers & brands meet the demands of a flexible supply chain while maintaining the highest sustainability standards.

We do this by providing ready stock CYCLO® recycled yarns and fabrics, both in colors and ready for dye.

For more information on how to use CYCLO® recycled yarn in European supply chains please contact: [email protected]

CYCLO® in Pakistan: Premium Textile Mills

We have expanded the global supply chain of CYCLO® with our latest partnership with Premium Textile Mills. Established in 1986, Premium Textile Mills Ltd. is regarded as one of the most modern and professional value-added spinning units of Pakistan.

This partnership allows Premium Textile Mills to produce CYCLO® in Pakistan. This is part of a broad strategic plan towards expanding CYCLO® closed-loop processes regionally.

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“These partnerships are crucial for the implementation of standardized sustainable practices in major supply chains based on the CYCLO® system.”

Mustafain Munir

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