CYCLO Recycled Fibers Recognized in UNIDO’s White Paper for Sustainable Supply Chains

Original article: Accelerating and scaling-up collective action for sustainable supply chains

We are thrilled to announce that CYCLO Recycled Fibers has been featured in the recent white paper by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) titled ‘Accelerating and Scaling-Up Collective Action for Sustainable Supply Chains.’ This recognition is not only a testament to our commitment to sustainability but also a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a positive impact on the environment and global supply chains.

In the white paper, UNIDO emphasizes the urgency of scaling up sustainable practices in supply chains worldwide. CYCLO is proud to be recognized as a key player in this global movement towards a more sustainable future. Our recycled fibers not only contribute to reducing environmental impact but also demonstrate that sustainable choices are not just ethical but also economically viable.

In conclusion, being featured in UNIDO’s white paper is an honor and a responsibility that CYCLO proudly accepts. We are excited about the journey ahead and remain dedicated to leading the way towards a more sustainable and resilient global supply chain. Together, we can build a future where businesses thrive in harmony with the environment.

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