The CYCLO® Story: 5 Years On

We’ve taken huge strides over the last five years. This was only possible because of all our partners, stakeholders and all individuals who have directly

Bestseller Goes Circular in Bangladesh

Original article: WASTE NOT, WANT NOT – BESTSELLER GOES CIRCULAR IN BANGLADESH BESTSELLER Group is piloting two major circularity projects, and one of them supports

When Waste Jhut Turns Into Gold

Some fashion giants plan to use 100% fibres recycled from RMG wastes by 2030 Original article: Fabric scraps, locally known as jhut, have gradually been gaining

10 New Products To Get Export Subsidy

Remittance of up to $1,500 to enjoy incentives without verification Original article: Garment exports to the US, Europe and Canada will get 1 percent of

Sourcing Summit Speaker Spotlight: CYCLO®

Original article: The primary reason that sustainable materials have not taken over the market already is the increased cost, which, let’s face it, consumers are

Turning Waste Into Fashion

Garment waste can potentially generate $4 billion annually Original article: Garment waste management exemplifies the idea of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. If